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Linyi Zhonghe machinery company limited has more than 10 years history in wood-based panel machinery production and export. We are professional and experienced in exports of wood veneer peeling machine, plywood production machine and other wood-based panel machinery, etc.

1-Wood veneer production machine:

log debarker, wood veneer peeling machine, wood veneer cutting machine, wood veneer stacker, veneer slicer, wood veneer drier, core veneer composer, veneer packing machine, veneer jointer, veneer sanding machine, veneer patching machine, knife sharpener , core veneer peeling machine , face veneer peeling machine , etc.


2-Plywood production machine:

hot press machine, cold press machine, plywood trimmer, plywood sander, boiler, glue mixer, glue spreader, dust collector, plywood turn-over machine, lift table, forklift, trucks, log loader, base plywood forming machine, plywood putty spreader, etc.

3-Various auxiliary machinery and spare parts: dust collector , boiler, glue making machine, impreganated paper production line, fork lift, hydraulic lift table, trucks, digger, loader, generator, face veneer, film faced plywood, impregnated paper, kraft paper gummed tape, heat-transfer oil, hydraulic oil, hot melt glue, glue thread, scaffolding parts, protective screening, machine parts, electric parts, etc.

We insist on timely service before sale, during sale and after sale.

We insist on steady quality and reasonable price.

We insist on win-win idea.